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Skipping Class.
Or skipping school I guess.Breaking news. A student from 4Zuhrah named Atiq skipped his class last Friday. Or shall I say PONTENG SEKOLAH? He was spotted by someone (identitied classified) who saw him walking from the hill to his mother's van. How nice isn't it? He who was believed didn't come to school last Friday was wearing a school uniform. Early in the morning, he waited outside the school gate until his mom's gone. How clever! Then he and his dearly friends went up to the hill and changed their clothes.I don't know whether he is stupid or...stupid, but he is surely wasting time and money by going out with his friends. Not to mention about lying to your mother and breaking school rules. But seriously, this dude need a physciatrist to fix his ancient brain.Let's spill this out.Is this what you really want to? Or the stupidity that you have in your mind just make you want to do stupid things? Share your stories or maybe you want to respon on this post. Email us!xoxo,Taylor Williams&Lily Jonas.GossipGirls.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hopeless Prefects.
Some said prefect had a good attitude, and some said no.Well in SMKBSB, prefect are mostly hopeless.I mean, what's wrong with the teacher? Are they blind enough? Prefect should be the example to the students. But it's vice versa right now. Some good prefect complaining that the bad prefect didn't do their duty? As for me, don't be a prefect if you don't want to.A few days ago. According to some sources, the principal gathered the Form 4 students and prefects. Like i said, prefect=hopeless. The principal want a mic, around 100 prefects (i guess, maybe less) just sit and doing nothing. Thumbs up to the head prefect MUZZAMIL FARHAN(but that doesn't mean you're good enough) to do the job like a slave.
And hooray to Nazrina and Nasreen for doing nothing. :)
Seriously, do you respect prefects?

The Same Look.
The story begin in a class.Well, there's a boy who has a girlfriend. (but hey, nothing big deal with it) but the issue is, when your classmate starts to joke around and everybody seems to agree with him. This is a true story about Essyaty Rodhia. Well, someone's called Dzuriff who has a girlfriend seems to think that Essyaty looks more like his girlfriend. Haha.Geesh, Essy kept blushing all the time. When I heard about this, I can't help but laugh. In this case, when someone's thinks that your look as same as your girlfriend you may think differently. But, whatever.Bella thinks that his gf looks like her. Amir Hazim thinks the same too. Well, everybody thinks the same thing. And at the end of the day, the gossip spreads at the entire class. And everyone knows about it.
What do u think if people said that your face look alike someones girlfriend/boyfriend?

p/s: who is this gossip girl..??
a mystery person who knows all the story in 4 zuhrah..??


  1. Aku rasa lah en. Orang ni betul-betul nak kenakan kita ouh.

  2. yea but tpi spe bdak nie...
    ak mmg nk cri oit,,,