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Between Crush and Love.
Okay. She is our target now. Maybe some of you know her. She's silent person kind of type. But yeah, we are the GossipGirl and we know about her. We have a lot of sources. And here it goes.A source told me about this teen. She's 16. And her name is Amizatul Izzati. People called her Ami if I'm not mistaken. The source told us about this girl's crush. Apparently, we don't know who he is. Well, maybe we will figure it out someday.She told us that this girl started to have a crush early this year. Well, we kinda curious who he is. But, whatever. GossipGirl knows everything.A part from that, we suspected that her bestfriend named Essyaty knows about this thing. And maybe her other bestfriends know about this. And maybe YOU know about this.

Serves You Right.
Well, I got this story from a friend.It's a story about her friend that only want to know as HK.The story begins last November. HK reconnecting back with this boy which is her old school friend. The boy named Irfan. Well, they started to message, calling until one day the boy ask whether this HK wants to be his girlfriend. The girl said yes. But now the girl felt very stupid. The relationship began early December until end of January 2009.The climax of this story is when the boy which before this study at KKB, then study at SMKBSB. The most important is the girl is in the same class as the boy. Can you imagine that? Technically not everyone knows about them. In fact, maybe not more than 10. Like i said, the relationship last until end of January. The only reason that the boy gave is because the girl is too good for him.What makes HK really mad is because the boy went to a girl which is also HK closest friend when primary school (known as NFA) and share same class at 2009. HK doesn't mad if the boys went for another girl but seriously NFA is not a wise choice.To make this story simple, I moved until the end of March 2009. The boy transfered into a military school. After a few weeks, rumours begin! NFA dumped Irfan without any notice.Right now HK doesn't know anything about him. To her, that's what u get when you let HK down.Notes:-HK knows about her lackness but at least don't play with someone's heart.

I got this story from someone.Well more to rumour not a story.Some students make buttons to show that they hate teachers ( i don't know whether it's true or not) but what I'm gonna say is, why did they do that? Technically I'm not the one of the teacher's pet.But, that is the idiotic thing I've ever seen. What a joke.
But at least, show some respects, I mean, they are the one who teach you.

p/s: tell one world about everyone personal story..
why don't you tell your own story...

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