This is my words :)

Deep down from me~

hey semuaa~ :) haha today is 11.11.11 haaa best kan date niyh?
mesti nak buat some yg can remember for good right?
well for me its just a normal date and doing normal things haha nothing special about it :)
saje nak membuat sedikit coretan kat blog nie haha yelahh nak cerita kat siapa lagi kan?
lebih baik bermonolog dekat blog daripada bercerita yg boleh membuat orang sakit hati haha:)

actually haha nak post nie pon tak sampai hati haha sebab maybe ini akan menyakitkan hati seseTENGAH pihak but what can i do, its hurts me more haha. Many of your friends told me that you've hurt so much because of me bla bla bla, okayy i get it i tried to make it go away~ believes me its never be my intention to hurt you i'm sorry for that, i tried ending this with the best way as i can so that it won't hurt me either,tapi pernah kea you fikir how pain i was? i guess its not important to you haha and sadly no one ever know it :)

well i think that pain have make me into this most worst creature you've ever found rite? and i'm not blaming you for that pain, thank you is more acceptable haha ouh and i won't  take the best part of you.
indeed You're beautiful inside and out, please don't make it go away :)

i know org mcm i nie berlambak :) you can find someone else that million times better than me:)

hope that you find it :)good luck and congratulation for you :)
if i can't see the real you~ i'm terribly sorry for that because i'm not seeing you like other people :)
i see you with my own way and my own perspective 
there's one more haha~Kalau betullah you dah berubah, orang lain mesti cakap macam tu jugak kat you. Tapi ada orang lain cakap you berubah ? Tak ada kan ? :)

haha sedikit ragu-ragu dengan statement tersebut:) for god sake i tknk bg tahu bnde nie kat you but since daa ade org yg pertikaikan well i guess you should know there are people around you ckp kat i yg you dah berubah~ this is long time ago *don'twanttomentionthename :) 
i just said to them "mmg dia daa lain pun,different than i ever know her,haha jgn bg tahu dia,let her be what she want,if that makes her happy yeah i'm happy too~i can't do nothing about it, only pray the best for her:)"

yeah i'm happy because you're happy that you have friends that always for you,supporting you and loves you more than i used to love you :) and please forgive me if i tak tunjuk kat you my appreciation towards you~ and i'm thankful enough for once having you beside me ~ really :)

about that status haha lagi satuu, bnde tuh i tuju kan orang lain bukan kat you,haziq or people around you that status is for special person at sarawak :) no need to tell you that haha
ouh sorry sebab tak reply IM you,that momment i'm already away from keyboard ~sorry if that makes you and your friends think something of me :) another thing~ terima kasih sebab you maafkan i, really appreciate that :)

i tak kisah what your friends want to say about me~they can say what they want,its their mouth, i hope terjawab lah semua soalansoalan bernas tuu heee and kalau ade yg nak tahu org tak terjawab, please ask directly~ :) kalau bole jawab i will answer it,thank you again~

yeah i mmg caring pun,haha you jea tak perasan :)too bad for that hee :D

p/s: i don't give a damn if  org lain baca :) i do this for me :D

That speaks for you :)


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