Kenapa awak berubah sampai macam ni. What had I have done towards you?? Hidup saya awak, terumbang ambing. Maybe saya mmg jenis tak bole nk lupakan awk kot. Yeah maybe awak daa happy with someone else, but that would hurt me a lot. I really don’t know what am I going to do. Seriously it’s hurt, to see someone that you care for so much but you cannot see, touch, speak and have a moment with her.
Every time I’m writing this to express my feeling, tears running down telling how much that I miss you very much. It’s feels like half of you is been taken away. How can you live with only half of your body, mind and soul? Yes, awak I’m in a “don’t know “state. Everything in my life becomes don’t know.
How I wish we could be back together just like before, and I thought right after we finished study I want to find a job to buy a house and lastly to married you but seems it was only a dream. Ya Allah, sakit nyaa tahan rindu niii. Macam mana kalau kau rindu seseorang but you cannot express feeling to dkt dia? How would feel?

And if kau managed to express pun the person reacts very awkwardly and looks you just like a complete stranger. Yes mmg perangai aku ni nampak kasar. But trust me, at least I told the truth to you.


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